OpenWebsite Key Features

Did you know there is more to a website then just the pages? many developers will look past the key assets to a website succeeding and bringing customers to your business or portfolio. This is why we explain all the features in depth so you understand and are not isolated from the development of your site.


Search Engine Optimization is when a websites content is optimised for  website traffic, so visitors using search engines such as “Google” will discover you site. SEO targets the unpaid traffic from search engines rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Speed Optimization

When discussing speed optimization on a website there are multiple options that could slow down your site to crawl, from large images, scripts/plug-ins & the hosting source of the site. Website optimization is vital for visitors to the site, many will close the tab if the page takes to long.

SSL Security

SSL provides a secure channel between two devices over the internet or an internal network. One common example is when SSL is used to secure communication between a web browser and a web server. This turns a website’s address from HTTP to HTTPS, the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google offers developers, the chance to monitor there sites speed and health, with clear wording on what is causing the slowness on sites. It is vital to all developers that a site maintains a consistent speed throughout and the device that is being used to view the site has the capability for loading pages.

Image Optimization Plugins

The biggest offender for slow page times is the images that are used, many will leave the original file size and upload to the site. This can cause issues for users with slow internet or older devices, as the device will struggle to load the page. There are multiple options to fix the issue such as image optimization, lazy loading & correct resolution for image placement.